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Past Lives Collective

Jillian is a vintage curator and stylist from Ohio who wanted to take her business seriously in 2022. Jillian's biggest challenge before working with BLYNK was to be able to convey WHO Past Lives Collective is. She craved that cohesiveness and professionalism while staying true to herself and style.

BLYNK helped her achieve just that with logos, patterns, and Instagram templates.

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"Katie from BLYNK made this whole entire process so easy and so collaborative. Nothing about this felt like a chore. Katie was able to actualize ideas I had that I didn't even know how to bring to life myself, and it was honestly super cool to watch her do her thing! Past Lives is my literal baby, and it truly takes a special kind of trust to bring anyone in on its growth in any way, but I was so certain this project was in good hands with Katie from start to finish. My favorite part of this PLC journey has been able to work with other creatively inclined females and build together, and this whole experience just reminded me once again why I love doing what I do so damn much."

-Jillian Carr, CEO

"Katie is incredibly professional and just has an overall really awesome energy that made working with her an absolute treat.

I remember the first day this project started (after the discovery call, proposal, etc) when I got the project portal invite and was just blown away at how well put together BLYNK is behind the scenes.

Katie, keep doing what you're doing because you have the freaking perfect mix between personableness x
professionalism and it's going to set BLYNK up
for some massive successes that I truly can't wait to witness!" 

                                                                                  -Jillian Carr, CEO

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