Hi, I'm Katie! The founder of BLYNK.

A creative to my core, my lifelong passions of graphic design, social media marketing, photo and film, makeup, and fashion have all led me to this perfect paradise of using my passions every day to support women led businesses and brands. 


"I’m always trying to live in alignment with the type of leader and creative I want to be. I fully believe you attract the energy you put out and my main goal is to treat others with the kindness and respect they deserve. As someone who lives authentically and isn’t afraid of self expression, I’ve been able to cultivate this type of culture around BLYNK. This is why I attract clients and creatives who align with similar vibrations. BLYNK is a safe space to explore creativity and embrace differences, after all this is what makes us so unique. THIS is where your competitive edge lives! We want to elevate those unique qualities to help brands stand out in the market."

- Katie, Shoutout Atlanta Interview

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The Social Media Team

"I am a strong supporter of women becoming their most confident selves, and their most successful selves too! BLYNK is fun, it's fresh, it's creative, it's women-led. Need I say more?!

"I love social media because it gives people a place to grow their dreams into a sustainable reality and community."

"As a small business owner myself, I know the struggle of having to get everything done. Being able to offer my expertise and work with rockstar women is a major added bonus."




What Clients Say

"I wanna give a big thank you and shoutout to Katie Costa for being my social media manager for my therapy page.  Everything was so disorganized before I had her help me. She was able to listen to my feedback along the process and really help me create and curate the look I wanted. I really appreciate her for that and she is very quick, professional and timely. I highly recommend working with BLYNK!"
-Christine Luu Therapy