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Our bold branding design doesn’t end at product-based brands. We love helping service providers such as nail techs, makeup artists, tattoo artists, piercers, and every creative in between to find their unique look & aesthetic so they can feel PROUD and CONFIDENT in what they have to show for their hustle. 

It’s totally possible to have a successful business operating only on social media, and this project reflects some of the assets that would be most valuable to social media-based creatives. Instagram story and feed templates allow the client to create an unlimited amount of on-brand content as they promote services, show their portfolio, and connect with their community. 

Popstar Gemz is one of our favorite passion projects to date because of the bright colors and fire imagery that are sure to grab your attention with the power of bold branding design. A passion project is a type of portfolio piece that is fully up to the designer to create freely without prompts or guidelines. 

We design passion projects in our free time to explore new techniques and styles to be able to create a dream brand for a totally not-real business. In turn, these freeform design projects resonate with potential clients such as yourself and the creative alignment is clear, exciting, and hopeful! Our passion projects reflect the type of creatives we aim to work with.

Creativity grows with momentum and projects like Popstar Gemz remind us of the possibilities for individual service providers to be able to market their value in such a way that attracts their dream clientele. 

A social media based branding kit such as this project provides a sense of professionalism and cohesion that may be hard to establish on your own. You probably have loads of ideas, and we can help you land on a strategic and beautiful creative direction.

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