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Our project proposal template is a cult favorite because it gives the BEST first impression to your potential clients. It’s the perfect way for the client to see the project scope all at once and allows them the opportunity to fully access their investment.


Once we conduct a brand discovery call with a potential client, we take some time to think deeply about the successes, struggles, and future goals for their brand. After the call, we then determine the best service deliverables for them according to their timeline and budget.


No two clients are the same, which is why we create a custom project proposal with varying investments and deliverables for each and every potential client. This allows the client to feel heard, seen, and cared for because well…they are! This is the exact template we use to lay out investments and deliverables, taking a lot of the tedious work out of proposals.


We love splitting up the proposal into sections or phases for the project at hand. A typical phase lineup looks like: strategy, branding, social media, and packaging or website. We are sure to break down each of the phases and reiterate how these phases will accomplish individual goals of the brand. 


Now the most important part of the proposal is the actual presentation to the client! This can either be a live presentation face to face or on zoom, or a pre recorded presentation that is sent to the client. We often conduct the latter by utilizing the “present and record” option on Canva. 


We talk through the proposal, being sure to connect the brand's goals and values to the deliverables in the proposal. We are sure to communicate the value that each individual deliverable brings to the table and the return on investment they will receive. The proposal video is also a great time to mention payment plans and timeline forecasts.


Then we send off a PDF version of the document, along with the proposal video to the client, cross our fingers, and feel confident in the value we bring. 


Project Proposal Template

  • Upon download, you will recieve a personal template link accessible via Canva.

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