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Resources for Brand Designers, Social Media Managers, and Small Business Owners to take your craft to the next level.

As fully self taught designers ourselves, we know the value of online resources. Whether you are a novice designer/social media manager or in the beginning of your business journey, these resources will be helpful in streamlining your processes and automating some of your systems. 


It’s extremely important to figure out what works best for YOU and your individual workflow. The kicker is there is no universal guidebook on how to run a business, but our hope is that these resources will help you add a bit of structure into your process. 


The client experience is extremely important to us, so since the founding of BLYNK, we have been sure to test and see what templates are necessary and valuable to both the client and designer. 


There’s nothing worse than having countless email threads containing tidbits of info throughout months of work, so these resources will help you and your clients easily keep track of categories of information essential to the project. These templates are the exact documents we use within our client experience to keep everything organized throughout the journey. 


We are constantly adding both free and paid resources compatible through Canva, so don’t worry about needing an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to be able to utilize these to the best of their ability. These templates can be customized to reflect your individual branding once downloaded, with the ability to swap out colors, fonts, and logos.


The impact of using repeatable templates within your process is a monumental in having your sh*t together, at least a little bit. + your clients will take you way more seriously, finding comfort in pre designed and on brand documents, which makes the experience all that more special.  We are excited to be able to offer not only templates, but also workshops for designers and creatives to learn from Katie in real time and ask questions unique to their business journey. 

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