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CannaStyle is the best of the best when it comes to non-traditional smoking accessories. The best part about their brand is their inventory and product launches are completely community-led. They listen to their loyal community and deliver home runs time and time again.

So when CannaStyle came to BLYNK with the goal of updating and upgrading their branding, it was a lot of pressure to deliver not just something the team would love, but something their millions of customers would love, too. Nothing we couldn't handle, and the results came out beautifully.

We totally revamped CannaStyle's logo suite from a handmade, DIY logo to a dynamic logo that can be used in tons of different ways. Their new logos look beautiful on screen and off.

Asset 3_2x.png

We love designing hand-drawn brand characters and these little guys were the cherry on top of CannaStyles branding.


Each order gets these brand characters as stickers and the characters have been turned into collectible plushies. 

With the designs & files we provided CannaStyle, they're able to utilize their logos and design assets for years to come to turn into merch, packaging, and more.

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