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Zanella's Wax Bar has been a go to full body wax studio in Baton Rouge, LA since 2006. When newfound owner Haley came to BLYNK with a vision to freshen up their branding, socials, and website, we couldn't wait to dive in. The original owner of Zanella's owned a hairless cat who quickly became Zanella's mascot. 

When we began the rebranding process, we knew we had to keep this cat alive and well to stay true to the Zanella's Baton Rouge identity. We decided to turn the cat into an iconic illustration to be used throughout the branding and socials to keep the character in Zanella's. 

We set them up with a complete branding kit full of personality, social assets, and a from-scratch website.


"My design goals were exceeded. I knew after I had my first meeting with Katie, that I could trust her with this project. Katie got my vision right away, and added things that I didn’t even think of doing. I love how she is able to bring your vision to life all while adding her own creative twist." - Haley, CEO

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"This rebrand has changed so much for me. Buying a business from another person is no easy task. It finally feels like fully my own. My own vision, my own personality shining through. I feel more confident and proud posting on social media. I tell everyone about my new website because it is beautiful and welcoming. I have gained more followers on social media since the rebrand too!

I cannot say enough good things about Katie, She is on top of it! I loved how she would make videos to explain her progress and what else she had planned. I could tell that she was just excited as I was. She is very organized and seriously great at what she does."                                                       
                                       - Haley, CEO

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Service Menu Design

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